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As a Business Owner, your greatest assets are your customers and employees. Customers drive what you and your employees do and everybody drives what IT does. IT is the support service to make your customers and employees happy while making your life as a business owner easier. Time as a business owner is always in short supply - at VOX Telecom we provide you with the tools to keep your customers happy, your employees motivated and you sane. We ensure that your systems support your business, not the other way around. 

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Cut your costs

You can only measure what you know. VOX Telecom will conduct a free assessment of the current state of IT within your business and recommend appropriate steps to remedy any gaps found at no cost to you. VOX Telecom's solutions  drive effeciency and automation, which is key to staying competitive in today's marketplace. We make it easy for SMB's to access best of breed products and services to grow business while saving money.


Serve your customers better

Nothing is more important than your customers - we make it easier for your customers to do business with you. VOX Telecom's advanced collaboration technologies including VOIP & Microsoft Teams provide you the ability to enhance efficiency, productivity and the touchpoints into your customers while providing for an excellent customer experience, ensuring that your customers remain loyal while enhancing your revenue.

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Protect your business reputation

58% of cyber attack victims were small businesses. Recent statistics show that around 60% of SMBs forced to suspend operations after a cyber attack never reopen for business. Our Cybersecurity solutions safeguard your business and customer data ensuring that your business won't lose revenue or fold due to security breaches or ransomware attacks. 

to discuss how we can help your business 

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Cloud computing is complex and includes multiple different offerings and technologies that are designed to achieve a number..


We partner with some of the best vendors in the world to provide outstanding outcomes for our clients, partners..

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