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IT Services

Contact us today to discuss your IT Solutions requirements

VOX Telecom is first and foremost a service delivery organisation. Of course, we offer all the usual items: IT solutions, cloud solutions, hardware, software, security products and peripherals.

This list of products and offerings is not unique. Many IT providers offer the same or similar products. What truly sets us apart is our service. Service is the element that connects the humans who use the systems to the devices we use, and brings all the disparate components of IT together.

Service is the application of knowledge, skills, abilities and determination to get the job done, the first time, and if not, then the diligence to do what we say we will do and keep going until the work is done. It is the skills and company ethos that then translate those products into tangible, working systems that enable our clients to operate and achieve their strategic objectives.

Information Technology is such a broad field that no one can be an expert in all of it. Skills also have to be continually updated, which is why we invest in learning and development and partner with industry experts.

IT Services can be provided:

  • As part of a monthly contract managed service contract

  • Per hour for Ad-Hoc clients

  • Per hour for a deliverable such as a project, consultation, audit, review, installation or other labour type arrangement

  • Per a fixed quote

  • Or if you would like to discuss your unique requirements, please


Contact us  today and one of our friendly consultants will be delighted to help you.


Our Services 

to discuss how we can help your business 

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