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Managed IT Services


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Information Technology has never been more challenging - the sheer number and complexity of integrated systems, security threats, and the extensive reliance on uninterrupted, continuous connectivity and communication are ever increasing. Businesses, more than ever before, rely upon their IT systems to enable them to operate effectively.

IT Managed Services, also known as Managed IT Services, IT Support, Helpdesk or simply Managed Services, are Information Technology support and services provided by an IT provider where that provider takes on the responsibility for and manages the proactive and reactive IT services for and on behalf of clients. Managed IT Services can include both Fully Managed, where the client has no in-house IT staff, or Partially Managed or Extension Services, where the client may have a small team of in-house IT staff and require specialised expertise in certain areas.

Managed IT Services are an effective way to ensure your business IT needs are met. You get access to an entire team of skilled experts within a cost-effective framework, allowing you to focus on your business and leave IT to your dedicated team of professionals. Break-Fix Helpdesk and Support are an integral part of Managed Services, however, Managed Services are so much more. It includes proactive maintenance and basic cyber security, and can be tailored to include IT planning and strategy, compliance, governance and advanced cyber security

IT Advice

What is included in a monthly Managed Service Agreement

Service Team (Helpdesk)

Firstly, everyone you deal with at VOX is based in New Zealand. We do not offshore any of our services, and this includes our Service Team. Secondly, you can log service requests via email or speak to one of our helpful team by telephone - the choice is yours. Our Service Team are our hard-working generalists who work tirelessly, completing move, add, change requests and fixing the day-to-day issues that occur.

Our support and service desk capability allows end-users to have issues or complaints about their IT environment dealt with in an efficient manner.

SME,SMEs (or small and medium enterprise

The helpdesk conducts troubleshooting and resolves end-user inquiries, escalates tickets to Senior Engineers as required and within SLA timeframes, or for tickets requiring specialised support (i.e. complex network support issues), assigns them to the appropriate team. We will provide helpdesk support and maintenance including triage and collaboration as required. This includes all fault finding and troubleshooting of hardware and software as necessary on all workstations as well as updating the system and application software.

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  • Reactive user support

  • Anti-virus and Anti-Malware monitoring

  • Disk space utilisation

  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues

  • Temporary internet files purging

  • Installed software check up

  • Check event log files

  • Install necessary updates and service packs and more

We monitor critical client systems via real-time monitoring dashboards and alerts as well as performing regular maintenance tasks scheduled in with your internal IT team.

This team responds to server events in a proactive and reactive manner. This means that through monitoring and regular maintenance, we aim to prevent issues from occurring, while also providing recommendations for any changes, updates or other work that should be performed to ensure the continued operation of the environment.

There are four main components of an
IT Managed Service:

Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)

Every business and organisation requires new users to be set up, departing users to be removed and changes made to users profiles, applications, email etc. Moves, Adds and Changes is a major component of what we do on a daily basis and our helpful team are highly experienced at providing this integral service.

Pro active Maintenance

Server Maintenance

Includes maintaining current service and security patches as well as checking backups, server health, event viewers and hardware status and proactive fault finding.

Desktop Maintenance

Includes maintaining current service and security patches for desktops as well as checking desktop health, event viewers and hardware status and proactive fault finding.

Break - Fix Support

It is an unfortunate reality, that at some point, technology will break. Whether it is an account locked out, hardware wearing out, application integration issues, operating system issues or pretty much anything that is either software or hardware driven, issues will occur. IT issues are frustrating and can cause downtime, inefficiency and can damage reputations so it's imperative that your IT team respond rapidly and resolve the issue quickly.

VOX Telecom has more than 20 years' experience and our knowledgeable and skilled staff are adept at investigating and troubleshooting issues. When active current hardware warranties and support agreements are in place, we also manage the vendor escalation requirements as required. Where customers have a have a current active support agreement in place, we also manage software vendors when software issues occur. This assists with the rapid resolution of complex issues where there are multiple vendors by providing a single point of coordination and communication.

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