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IT Strategy and Planning

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IT Strategy and Planning is one of the most important areas of Information Technology. Designing and implementing an IT Strategy that is seamlessly aligned with the Organisational Strategy, provides the technology foundation that enables the Organisation to expand, prosper, and achieve its objectives. An IT Strategy provides a comprehensive and effective technology framework to ensure the business can respond effectively to both changing operational environments and unforeseen changes within both their own sector and more broadly across the ever-evolving technology environment.

Integral components of an IT Strategy include:

  • The organisational strategy and technology's role in the organisation

  • The organisation's technology roadmap to achieve both current and future operational objectives

  • A comprehensive component on organisation IT Security, that includes the organizations Security Framework and Posture.

  • The IT Security Strategy will also include a Risk Assessment and Risk Profile of the organisation

  • The IT Governance and Compliance Framework - how the organisation will achieve all governance and compliance requirements

VOX Telecom has extensive experience in IT Strategy, Planning, Risk Management, and Compliance. We can provide:

  • Full IT Strategy planning and implementation

  • Policy creation and implementation

  • Consulting services to achieve specific parts, provide technological input, or complete all of the IT Strategy from start to finish

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