Cybersecurity Training

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Training is one of the most important aspects of IT system management and yet is one of the least implemented items across most organisations. Training improves security efficiency, productivity and compliance. With 76%* of Cybersecurity breaches caused by human factors, Cybersecurity training is not just a nice to have, it is absolutely essential to ensure your organisation's staff are able to identify, prevent and respond to criminal attempts to access your systems, or indeed, to just minimise the opportunity to make mistakes. Cybersecurity is everyone's job, not just the IT team and through ongoing training and testing, we can improve the skills of staff and reduce the organisations risk profile.

*Source: Office of the Information Commissioner - Notifiable Data Breach results Quarter 2, 2018, 76% of all notifiable breaches caused by human factors.

Cybersecurity Training

At VOX Telecom we recognise the difference that training can make to improving an organisation's Cybersecurity posture. We offer both Ad-Hoc tailored training packages as well as a structured testing and training program called Cyber Aware that we have partnered with a leading Australian Cybersecurity training provider to deliver an ongoing annual training and testing program.


Ad-Hoc Training
A great way to kick off your cyber security journey and ensure that staff understand the risks to the organisation and motivate them to implement changes to their day to day activities.


Sessions are interactive and conversational. Topics covered can include:

  • Overview of cybersecurity

  • Overview of the organisation's specific risk factors

  • Presentation of cybersecurity policy

  • Best practices around passwords, spotting phishing attacks, safe web browsing and handling important information.

  • What to do should you suspect malicious activity


Training for the Management team is also available and include all of the above with the addition of:

  • Management responsibilities

  • Governance

  • Compliance

  • Legal implications

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