Cybersecurity Assessment

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A Security Assessment is conducted to provide an informative state in time review of an organisation's Cyber Security environment. We use analysis tools, policy and compliance review and staff interviews to build out a structured report. This is a highly specialised Cyber Security consulting piece and provides an organisation with the information to make an informed assessment of the potential risks and recommendations to mitigate those risks. Our Cyber Security team are experienced not only in the technical aspects, but also the management, governance and compliance aspects 


The VOX Telecom Cyber Security assessment reviews the current cybersecurity posture by looking at:

  • Policies

  • Systems configuration

VOX will assess your policies specifically with a focus on the cybersecurity threat landscape to ensure your policies are meeting baseline requirements as set by your business requirements.

Policy Review

VOX will interview the business policy owners about what policies are in place, what requirements exist and if any planned future projects exist. Existing policies will be assessed with a focus on cyber risk and if these policies meet the baseline requirements for the business. VOX will recommend any policy changes and if any new policies need to be introduced to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Systems Configuration Review

VOX will review existing systems configuration against best practice as defined by the scope agreed between the business and MIT. The scope is often Microsoft servers such as AD, File and Print and mail. Network equipment such as firewalls, routers and switches.

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