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Cybersecurity Assessment

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Our Security Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organisation's current cyber security posture. We use a combination of analytical tools, policy evaluations, and staff interviews to produce a detailed report. This specialised consulting service provides organisations with a clear understanding of potential risks and recommendations for mitigating those risks. Our cyber security team is well-versed not only in technical aspects but also in management, governance, and compliance.

Policy Review

VOX will conduct interviews with business policy owners to understand the current policies, requirements, and future projects in place. We will evaluate existing policies with a focus on identifying cyber risks and assess if they meet the organisation's baseline requirements. Based on this analysis, we will provide recommendations for any necessary policy changes or the implementation of new policies to mitigate cybersecurity risks.


Systems Configuration Review

The VOX Telecom Cyber Security assessment evaluates an organisation's current cybersecurity measures by examining:

  • Policies

  • Systems configuration


Our assessment specifically focuses on the cybersecurity threat landscape to ensure that policies are in line with the organisation's requirements and meet baseline standards.

VOX will evaluate the current systems configuration against industry best practices as defined by the scope agreed upon with the client. This scope typically includes Microsoft servers such as Active Directory, file and print, and email, as well as network equipment like firewalls, routers, and switches.

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