Cybersecurity Consulting

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Cybersecurity is now at the forefront of most organisational strategic thinking. Cyber breaches pose a real and significant risk to every organisation & reputation, profitability, efficiency and in many cases to their continuing viability. Over 30% of all businesses that suffer a serious data breach are unable to recover and ultimately close down. Without effective expert advice, most organisations do not understand their risk or what to put in place to protect their data, operations and reputation.


At Vox Telecom we have always had a security focus across every service we do. Utilising extensive experience backed by academic and industry certifications, our Security department has the capability to provide insightful consulting services to both existing and new clients. Our services include:

  • Security Strategy and Planning, including Security Policy creation and implementation

  • Risk and vulnerability assessments

  • Security assessments and improvement plans

  • Threat analysis and threat trends

  • Incident Response 

  • Cybersecurity training services

  • Disaster Recover and Business Continuity Planning

  • Security solution design such as mobile and cloud, pen testing,  identity and access management

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