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Compliance and Governance

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The use of ICT is intrinsic to business operations and vital to the prosperity of organisations. Ensuring your organisation is compliant with various industry regulations (ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, PCI-DSS, ASD) in order to keep sensitive customer data safe is becoming increasingly difficult as we work in a decentralised, mobile, app-filled world and failure to meet obligations set by compliance standards could mean penalties, fines and loss of trust.


People play an important role in keeping corporate information safe. Snooping, phishing and social-engineering are common ways hackers gain unauthorised access to a company's sensitive data. VOX Telecom can assist in educating staff and implementing security policies for laptops, mobile devices and third party apps all of which are crucial to protecting data and the business as a whole.


The Notifiable Data Breaches scheme is an amendment to the Privacy Act 1993 that came into effect in 2020. It sets out mandatory requirements for entities in responding to data breaches. Entities will have data breach notification obligations if a data breach involves the personal information of any individuals with penalties of up to $10 000 for non-compliance, more information can be found at:

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