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Security has become one of the most important components of ICT delivery as adversaries are developing technologies and tactics that are growing in sophistication. For their part, bad actors are building strong back-end infrastructures with which to launch and support their campaigns. Online criminals are refining their techniques for extracting money from victims and for evading detection even as they continue to steal data and intellectual property. Traditional security systems, such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems are all point in time devices. They may see a threat that may enter or leave your network, at that time.

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If the threat, at the time, were deemed a non-threat, it would be allowed to pass. Today’s attacks can be polymorphic and multi-staged attacks, meaning the malware enters the system undetected as benign files only to morph into malware later that compromises the system. Multi-staged attacks could copy your data offsite without your knowledge as stage one, and then phase two will encrypt all the files. In most cases, the business is so busy dealing with the recovery of their data they do not even realise the bad actors stole or wiped the data first. 

A seemingly small incident may be a precursor to an imminent attack. Our approach is to use the collective intelligence of the large cyber threat companies, such as Sophos Unified Threat Management and response, and their cloud scaled power to help identify and retrospectively alert us to ongoing threats.

In today’s cyber threat environment, AntiVirus alone, is not sufficient to protect your valuable data and systems "

VOX Telecom Cyber Security has extensive expertise and experience across Cyber Security configuration, hardware, software and virtual appliances including:

  • Firewalls both physical and virtual

  • Multifactor / 2Factor authentication

  • Email security

  • Web Control / Category-based URL Blocking

  • Deep Learning Malware Detection

  • Malicious Traffic Detection (MTD)

  • Ransomware File Protection (CryptoGuard)

  • Virtual Private Networks

  • Device encryption

  • Application whitelisting (running a Standard Operating Environment, locked down to selected applications)

  • Peripheral Control (e.g. USB)

VOX has worked with the industry leading Security Vendors to create a layered defence package containing 5 leading complimentary components to improve the defence posture of our customers.


We have called this package Active Cyber Defence (ACD) because that is what it does, actively protects your organisation from unauthorised access of your valuable data.

VOX Active Cyber Defence