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Collaboration and Voice solutions

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Collaboration tools are now an integral requirement for all businesses. They provide an effective platform to enable both employees and customers to engage in a meaningful and streamlined manner. Effective collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams and Cisco Webex Meetings, provide teams with the ability to work across diverse locations, cross functionality and support each other to achieve the best outcomes for the organisation.


Despite the vast array of communication and collaboration methods available to us today, voice and the ability to talk to both your customers and staff is still not only an inherent requirement, it is fundamental to the success of any organisation.

Voice however has evolved from the days of the onsite phone systems such as the PBX to cloud based options that provide flexibility, scalability and resilience at competitive prices.


The next generation of voice communication is now here, Microsoft Teams calling combines both the collaboration features of text, video and internal voice with the option now to include full function external dialing, effectively replacing multiple disparate systems with one central point of collaboration. Improving efficiency, management and indeed the collaborative aspects of the daily operations and projects.

Through our agnostic approach we are able to provide you with the right voice and collaboration solution for you: from onsite PBX's to cloud and Microsoft Teams, let us help you position your organisation for the future through our innovative and flexible arrangements.

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