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Financial Manager

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As a Financial Manager, you need to know where all your financials are at and have absolute confidence that your data is accurate and available at all times. VOX Telecom takes care of your IT and ensures that you have the information available to make smart decisions to drive your business forward. We ensure the integrity of your data and that your systems are online and available, together with the backups necessary for your organisational compliance and business continuity needs. 

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Do you spend too much time on operations and not enough on strategy?

Driving effeciency and automation is key to staying competitive in today's marketplace. VOX Telecom's solutions empower you to become more strategic with a single point of truth and by eliminating manual processes for collaboration and easily share graphs, charts or tables with your team. This allows you to make strategically-sound decisions to move your business forward.


Do you get your information when you need it?

Managed Services allow you to be in control of your business and information while ensuring maximum uptime and availability of business critical systems. VOX Telecom actively monitors your infrastructure and proactively scale resources ensuring that your information is available to you 24/7/365. It simplifies your IT spend for easy consolidation and TCO calculations. 


Do your systems support effective communication?

Effective communication on is the cornerstone of any Financial Manager.Advanced collaboration technologies including VOIP & Microsoft Teams provide you the ability to enhance efficiency and productivity while working with clients, individuals, and your team. Whether for reporting, keeping EXCO up to date on forecasting or streamlining communication to staff, VOX Telecom can provide the tools you need to rise above the rest.

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