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With technology playing an increasingly important role in the development and success of modern businesses, it’s critical that IT teams are highly skilled and capable. In today's environment, IT Managers are increasingly taking on the director role and partnering with managed services providers to ensure that daily operations such as system monitoring, onsite and remote support are taken care of according to strict Service Level Agreements(SLA's).

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How do you ensure effeciency and uptime of your environment?

System uptime is critical to any business and always linked to KPI's. VOX Telecom is a low-cost, rapid response solution and provides remote monitoring, maintenance and management of IT infrastructure, including all critical business applications such as Email, Networking and Telecom.


Are you worried about data breaches security risks?

Unsurprisingly, the inability to fend off attacks has led to significant concerns on the part of IT managers: Data loss are the number one concern for 31 percent of IT Managers, followed by cost and damage to the business (21 percent). VOX Telecom has a multi tiered approach to Cybersecurity. These are distributed between Firewall, Endpoint and Cloud together with a much overlooked category - user training. These pillars, communicating together forms the basis of VOX Telecom Cybersecurity solutions.


Do you have time to leave a legacy?

IT Managers have a broad range of responsibilities, but as in-house technology counsel for the business you should focus on strategic objectives as opposed to daily operational challenges. With VOX Telecom handling the day-to-day management and maintenance of your  IT environment,  you can focus on what you do best: Advising the business strategically.

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With this rapidly changing Cyber threat landscape comes massive challenges; the days of relying on a perimeter firewall and..

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We partner with some of the best vendors in the world to provide outstanding outcomes for our clients, partners..

Our team becomes your trusted IT partner and we get to understand what drives your organisation and your goals for IT. Our team are then able to provide advice and recommendations on technology to achieve business objective, improve security and governance, improve efficiency and to reduce on-going issues. Our managed service agreements provide our customers with the expertise of an enterprise level IT department at a scaled cost to suit their business. Managed Services enable scalability within a cost effective partnership arrangement. To discuss your IT Support requirements, please contact us.

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