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How to protect your business from Phishing and Ransomware

VOX Telecom provides a full range of cyber protection products and offers a full set of pre-packaged cyber security services to ensure that your environment is properly protected and can address modern cyber security challenges.

Security Awareness Training

Ensure your employees and IT personnel  are

well-educated on modern security practices, and that your executives are trained on special phishing attacks

Advanced Email Security

Protect your riskiest communication channel with 

unmatched detection technologies including unique anti-phishing, anti-evasion and next generation dynamic detection.

Advanced CyberSecurity

Adds Full Stack Anti Malware, URL Filtering , Exploit 

prevention, Forensic data to reduce any remediation time and remote device wipe.

When this solution is deployed you will 

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  •  Enjoy peace of mind knowing your corporate devices and data is protected in accordance with industry best practices

  • Reduce the volume of security-related support calls by 50 percent with Security Awareness Training


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