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Keeping your customers and employees engaged through automated mobility solutions

SMS delivers better customer interactions more often

When you compare other communication tools, nothing quite sizes up to text messaging.

Text inboxes are currently not overwhelmed with marketing clutter so SMS easily cuts with proven 98% open rates. People’s growing preference for mobile means if they aren’t already on it, they’re psychologically trained (‘ting ting’) to rustle up their phone as soon they hear a notification.

In addition, text messaging incites action. Whether that’s texting back, clicking a link or making a purchase, consumers act almost automatically.

Research has shown that SMS has 8x the response rate of email, with strong conversion rates of over 20%. Other studies have demonstrated 90% response rates, which is what many of our customers experience.

Send and receive SMS from Outlook or our Web portal Easily send SMS messages from your Outlook account using our Outlook SMS plugin. The plugin adds a ‘Send SMS’ button to your Microsoft Outlook application, making sending an SMS easier than ever before.

Cloud Fax Virtual fax services let you send and receive faxes through your web browser, email or API. It's managed in the cloud, so you can get rid of your physical fax machine and fax line, saving time and money.

Voice Automation Use automated telephone calls to increase urgency, integrate text-to-speech to programmatically contact customers, or use naturally recorded human voices (wav/mp3) for the personal touch.

  • Bulk Voicemail Gateway

  • Email to Voice

  • Web to Voice

  • Audio Conferencing

  • Voicemail to email




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