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Gone are the days when hackers would only target retailers. These days, the bad guys will target businesses in any industry, especially those that aren’t quite up on cyber security. The real estate industry is one such group and is frought with the dangers associated with cyber crime. According to a recent survey, about half of businesses in the real estate industry are not prepared to handle a cyberattack. From email compromise, mortgage scams, ransomware attacks to unsecured cloud storage.


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Create new policies

In the case of BEC (Business Email Compromise)  scams, if you have a policy that you never transfer money to someone based only on information given via email, you won’t have to worry about becoming a victim in this type of scam. Instead, you should talk to the person sending the email in person or via a phone call just to confirm. 


Backup your data

Hardware can fail, software can be infected with malware, your data can be locked out and held to ransom or a catastrophic natural disaster can strike. In all cases, up to date backups can save your business, your reputation and keep your customer's trust.


Train and retrain

Most hacking attempts come via email, so by training your staff not to blindly open attachments or identify suspicious links in emails, you could certainly save your staff from these scams. Deposit fraud scams can be manageable if not preventable. Inform your clients that in the process of buying or selling a home, there will be many emails to and from your real estate agency and other service professionals including lawyer, mortgage broker, insurance companies and home inspector. Clients should always look for language in the real estate agent’s email communications stating the communication paths available to them. Check out VOX Telecom's Cyber Security training, which is a marketing differentiator that promote proactive strategies to ensure incident-free results. 

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