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4 Cybersecurity Strategies for Small and Medium Businesses

In March of last year, AI caught a sophisticated, highly targeted cyber-attack exploiting a zero-day vulnerability across multiple businesses. The attack was detected, investigated, and contained by the AI, and the system worked out that it was a completely novel threat. Two weeks later, this campaign was publicly attributed to a Chinese nation-state actor known as APT41.

The organisations threatened by the attack included government entities, critical infrastructure, large enterprises, but also, surprisingly, midsize businesses.

We have entered a new era of cyber threat. If it were measured as a country, cybercrime would be the world’s third-largest economy after the U.S. and China. Midsize businesses are often considered a soft underbelly for cybercriminals. A common misconception exists among cybercriminals that midsize businesses do too little to strengthen their cybersecurity, which makes